Organize online, but keep contact on a personal level

Take advantage of the peace of online planning and the power of meeting each other in person.

Some call it the moment-of-truth, others – conversion points. The most powerful social interaction and human connection happens when people see eye to eye. Personal services are highly potential for building a long, trusted relationship with your clients.

That is exactly what we do; we make sure touchpoints convert from online connection to an engagement in real life.

Initiate conversations online, confirm trust in person

Offer real-life contact moments at every touchpoint to reassure client commitment. Have your über-expected service performance celebrated and their genuine success story reconfirmed!

Confirm trust; manage people behaviour on the spot
Do you serve offline customers as well as your online clients? Not every deal is closeable online. Most conversations may start online but engagements are more often confirmed in person. Make sure you capture your offline clients and social media inactives with a service unequalled in the industry! They will remember you for it!

Leverage the moment of ‘Wow’
Your customer will feel it when entrusted with the ability to request personal attention directly in your organization’s calendar. High conversion rates and engagement degrees are best scored during service delivery in person.

Fuel your fan base
Best persuasion by friends sharing their positive experience. People act strong upon personal friends’ recommendations. Social media is great in spreading the excitement of an inspired customer who has just been served above expectations. We enable personal experience sharing to social circles, in just one flow. Get your referrals earned now!