A good coaching process starts with clear agreements

Have your clients book your training courses and courses individually or in groups.

I take client guidance seriously and I am always available. getBIZZI ensures that every (new) client can always plan my full attention.
Come to the Rapasso stand for a demo at the Career Conference in Apeldoorn on November 10th. Did you miss the show?
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getBIZZI on career coach congress

Whether you provide an individual coaching interview, job coaching session or career trajectory as a service, your 100% personal attention is always required. It is largely a success factor. As a professional, you do not want to be disturbed, even for new customers. You are not available for them now. Does this mean that a new, promising process is just going to stop short? Fortunately, that does not have to happen anymore. With getBIZZI, your client can schedule an appointment directly on the basis of availability. An open agenda is much more personal and convincing. After all, many people drop out when another standard form is filled out.

Client empowerment generates extra revenue
The government increasingly stimulates self-reliance in their citizens. Participating is a verb, implying that the counselor takes the initiative. That you can be found online is of entrepreneurial value. Let your clients easily enter their own personal intake or appointment themselves. “Choose an open spot in my online consultation agenda.” How nice is that? The order book is automatically filled with intakes and trajectory follow-up appointments. We call this the empowering of clients who generate turnover.

Rapasso and getBIZZI
getBIZZI joins the stand as part of the Rapasso team. Rapasso participated at the fair in the context of further unburdening career professionals. While the professional normally uses the phone to register and enter a new client, we have now also automated this portal with the cooperation with getBIZZI. Currently, we investigate the need because we intend to integrate the functionality of getBIZZI and Rapasso.

Stay always accessible through your online agenda
getBIZZI is for enterprising supervisors. Whether you are a consultant on career issues, motivational coach, personal leadership trainer, thought leader or manager within the business community. Through your online agenda you are always available and your lead generation takes place automatically. Even in the evenings and on weekends!

Exhibition offer Career conference in Apeldoorn
At the Rapasso stand, we showed how you can decide for yourself which part of your booked hours can be offered. Only during those selected slots will a specific service be offered. One-off, so you are never overbooked or double-booked. At a rate set by you, or only after approval of the appointment message. This automatic customer acquisition is prospect-friendly (not compelling) and convincingly inviting (personal conversation). You arrange this in advance so your current customer can continue to receive your complete attention and focus.