getBIZZI takes security and privacy seriously. Your customer information is safe with us as a data processor. Therefore, we have taken various measures to ensure this. In accordance with the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation, or German DSGVO (effective as of May 25, 2018), we want to be transparent about this. Here you will find our General Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, in addition to the rules we have set for the acceptable use of the website and our online appointment services. Since you also work with personal client information such as address, telephone number or date of birth, this is also in your interest. Upon registration you will receive a clear processor agreement from us.

These are a few of our measures:

  • All your data will be sent encrypted. Your generally accessible appointment portal and widget codes will also be used via an SSL key.

  • Daily automatic backups are performed to an external backup server via a secure connection.

  • To prevent abuse, we use a secure connection (HTTPS), separate user rights and, as mentioned in the updated version of our privacy statement, we only process data for the functional use of an online calendar.

  • Our dedicated servers are based on an ISO 27001 certified Dutch data center. We thus guarantee an uptime of at least 99.99%.

  • Appointment data retention. By default, the getBIZZI online calendar archives appointments in the past that you can keep as a reference for your bookkeeping. If you want to destroy them, please contact us.

The GDPR also has consequences for your company. Our tips:

getBIZZI = GDPR proof
You offer your customers online appointments? Then you need a processor agreement. Often a solution will be available from your own trade association. getBIZZI works entirely in compliance with the new GDPR rules. They simultaneously accept the general terms and conditions.

Your customers, your responsibility
Our services are offered to your customers via getBIZZI. For this we need at least customer name and email. You decide which extra data you want to include. For this you have access to the (dashboard) system. Here is where you handle direct customer requests yourself.

Never request too much information
It is advisable to keep track of which customer information you register with the reason why. After all, customers have the right to view, change or delete their data. Prepare this in your own (sector) privacy statement.

Your own website? Use SSL
Data that customers enter on your own website should also go through an HTTPS (green lock) URL. This way, you are better protected against loss of data by misuse. getBIZZI’s online reservation portal for your bookings always processes appointments via an SSL connection using

getBIZZI laat klanten online afspreken
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