Do your customers just walk in – self-scheduled, right on time?

Generate Sales

Create sales using online appointments


Your customers want to be able to contact you at any time of the day to make an appointment. However, you prefer to be personally involved in your service. Automatic booking via the online agenda is experienced by customers as customer-friendly and professional. Strive for 80% to 90% of your appointments done via online bookings like some of our clients do! Sales without hassle, never double appointments and considerably fewer no-shows. What’s not to like?!

Save Time

Save time with online scheduling


Quietly, a lot of your time on phone calls or e-mails is spent scheduling appointments, shifting and reminding customers. By using getBIZZI, you leave it to the customer to arrange his or her perfect service time; while you can continue your service. Decide if you want to get paid directly by appointment or treatment. Save more time for yourself, and your actual personal service time is better appreciated because of enhanced attention and focus.

Highest Satisfaction. Yours and your customer’s!
Because your customers are able – at the oddest moments – to check your availability. That is an essential step in their journey becoming your client. Assuring themselves that the chosen time is actually their own reserved ‘attention time’ makes them feel like a VIP! Your luxury is that your order desk is open for intake 24 hours a day, even when you are busy working. All appointments are only scheduled if you really have time for them. No rushing and running around. If you master your online calendar, life gets a lot easier!

Online appointments by getBIZZI, easy for your customer and vital for your business.

Online calendar features fitting your business purpose

Do you work from multiple locations or is your service ambulatory? You are able to schedule them separately with getBIZZI under the same package at no extra cost. Just indicate on which days and times you or your colleagues are available at each location. Your customer is automatically informed at which location the appointment will take place.

getBIZZI lets you synchronize online calendars from Apple or Google with your available times of your service. In other words, your customers will not be able to book when you have a private appointment because these timeslots will simply not be offered. You yourself have one overview, assisting you to keep work and private separated.

It is not easy to replace your professional assessment with an automated process. However, it appears that a large part of the basic questions you ask a customer are quite uniform and repetitive. Perfect to have them answered online, unfiltered and in their own time. The results are known in advance of any meetup or treatment. Not only does this save you a lot of time, but it also gives the customer the opportunity to answer your questions at their convenience. In this way, you lead your customer to the right type of appointment and your employees are better prepared by the collected information.

Business feature examples

Remarketing. Approaching customers who have shown interest in your product can be even more effective! When you have off-peak hours or during the slow season, you easily make selected contacts a tempting offer that they can only accept. They know you, they are familiar with your service and with just a little discount they will soon ‘visit again’. Without campaign costs, maximum results!

Sales team Sync. Do you have a Sales team that visits target-driven prospects? Give them that extra boost by having your office staff book the most valuable leads – en route – in their calendar. Sales employees feel good when a prospect needs a visit. This way, you optimize your internal sales team by letting them do the things they are good at. Group bonuses are not only the result of joint success but are above all proof of team-building!

Netjes geordend getBIZZI en eigen afspraken

This is how (new) customers schedule their appointments

On your website via a homepage calendar or a simple button with contact info. On your Socials with your calendar included in your menu.

Almost any personal service can be booked online. Just start yours now!