No time to manage your scheduled bookings?

Place your calendar online and have your clients plan their appointment.

You are busy because you love your profession. You rock your work and that is exactly what your customers like. But how do you find the time to manage your agenda?

Keep it coming; we place your service schedule online. You set the booking rules yourself, but you do not have to plan anything anymore.

While you are at home with your feet up enjoying some chilled wine, your customers book their appointments in your online calendar, while relaxing on their own couch. To the delight of both of you.

This is how you make getBIZZI earn your money.

Just focus on the fun parts of your work.

getBIZZI wants to help you organize, so you can spend more time and attention on your work – and your free time is really free!
Our online agenda maximizes your service performance without interrupting your work. You actively pay attention to your present customer, while your next client plans a new appointment with you.
More sales. Working more efficiently. More peace of mind. And equally important: in the evening – just put your feet up. Relax and recharge for the next day. Curious? I can imagine. Nice to get acquainted: we are getBIZZI.

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Your agenda cant’t go viral. When you’re booked, you’re fully booked. No sweat!