Go Free or Go Big!

New getBIZZI online appointment services fit your situation even better

With getBIZZI Free Calendar you can make free use of an extremely usefull online appointment tool that allows your customers to plan for a consultation or treatment themselves.
After used to this luxury, it will soon turn out that you can do a lot more business with it; upgrade to getBIZZI Professional to bring your customers completely in-sync with your business life.
Put your current commercial staff more effectively to work with a surprisingly fast installed online sales schedule with the new ScaleUp! bundle of getBIZZI.

getBIZZI introduces new service offer!

In addition to the familiar getBIZZI online appointment subscription, there will be a free version per July 1, 2018 and an interesting ScaleUp! bundle for a speedier expansion without growing pains.

Allow customers to schedule services, free
Often service providers like to offer future customers the opportunity to book a free trial consultation or introductory meeting with them. After all, you want to know who you accept as a customer. This is precisely why you are not in the market for a paid-online scheduling system. That is why getBIZZI introduces the Free Calendar. Define 1 appointment type – e.g. intake interview – set the duration and off you go!

Avoid unnecessary growth blockers in your sales department
Do you notice that your sales reps are structurally burdened with sales calls so a lead qualification backlog is stacking at your sales support office? Sometimes it is just too busy, too inefficient. You have more than an idea that so much more can be done with the team instead of just hiring fresh staff. ScaleUp! Especially for those fast switchers who like to land one after the other deal together with their marketing and sales planning. With the ScaleUp! bundle of getBIZZI, several field employees can now work together in the agenda, without needing a CRM system. Just hands-on, direct conversion through effective planning. What to know more?

Setting up your online agenda has never been easier!
Putting your agenda online is a piece of cake. With your mobile – and QR scan-app – you immediately book a test appointment, so that you directly experience the convenience for your clients. Handy optimizations make your availability overview even more complete and through social media integration, you are even more accessible!

From now on, the Professional and ScaleUp bundle! is available for 7 days testing before you enter a subscription. The subscription costs are €12/m and €30/m* respectively (excluding VAT). If you want a full service but do not like a contract, then choose Pay-As-you-Go. Then you are billed monthly, afterwards. You pay €0.50 per appointment. More information can be found at the fees section.

* Through the 6 = 8 months bundle offer, we extend the initial half-year subscription entirely for free with two months!