This year you will do it differently!

Give your clients the luxury of booking online with you.

A new start and this year it will be different. You are finally going to plan your appointments online.

Determine when you can – Define your own pace of success.

New Year’s best intentions, not your thing?

As busy as December can be in the completion of professional projects and financial deadlines, so ’empty’ is January. For me, every year it feels like I have to start all over again. It is a mindset thing, I know, which is sometimes somewhat uncomfortable, but inevitable: the numbering of your invoices changes automatically, you need to rewrite the date a few times, concluding it can all be very different in the new year.

My good intentions usually have to do with planning and free time. For example, last year I thought I could handle many more hours if I started to work more efficiently. However, this year I had been swallowed for the umpteenth time in several projects at the same time. Again too enthusiastic ☺ For the year to come, it’s new clients and new intentions to plan, shielding my leisure time, not starting something new if the previous thing has not been completed and taking time to think before saying ‘yes’ when another job is coming up.

Now that I am working with getBIZZI, I find my ‘planning problem’ quite entertaining: I can contribute to the promotion of an online agenda, the planning right hand that is extremely useful for every self-employed entrepreneur working with clients and appointments. This year, nothing can go wrong ☺