Better found - new site

You are reading this through a new site, better fitting our extended product line of service solutions. Our services got expanded: From a self-service package to one developed internally or a solutions with our partners.

Next to the Professional Scheduling Service, we added a Free calendar as well as a  grow focused bundle. Our partners play a large role in the implementation of many industry-wide solutions.

getBIZZI’s outfit got renewed

Our market proposition expanded from solely offering SAAS solutions for smart professionals, to more of an Independent Technology supplier to companies and partners enabling and serving their respective industries.

Our focus is on touch-point conversions
We have always been and will be offering solutions to those independent service providers, earning good money with their profession. Granting their clientele the luxury of planning their own service moments, helping both profitable operations and customer loyalty.

Customer journeys are often non-linear
During every micro decision moment in each customer journey, people unexpectedly act as either a hesitating information seeker or as a determined customer, ready to buy – and everything in between. Any trigger may cause this sudden change in behaviour. Because of this unpredictability, it is good to have conversion moments ready for personal scheduling. Prevent second thoughts or a click-away bounce, welcome them right into the open spots on your calendar. Balancing work-private life has never been easier.

We got more experienced, with the help of some friends
We have had good experiences with integrated solutions for a variety of organisations especially those done through our partners. This enables us to offer directly, or indirectly through partners, an even bigger range of solutions. It gives us the chance to focus on customizing software development, creating optimal solutions for a wider scope of industries. We even became more agile in getting projects to market, much faster.

Therefore, we have created this new website, to share our solution successes and to introduce you to our partners. We hope you like the new site set-up. Feel free to share your comments with us.