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Have the Internet recruit customers for you! Our offer:

Unlike other heavier online appointment solutions, getBIZZI online appointments let you focus purely on getting paid services quickly and effortlessly.

  1. Are you just getting acquainted with online appointments and you need just 1 calendar? It is great to start with getBIZZI Free. It is entirely free to use. Getting professional online scheduling services perfectly balanced for reaching out to new clients. Offer anyone to book your time or service, at no cost.

  2. We assume that your quick success – because clients will now find your services – will make you want to use our getBIZZI Professional package. Four calendars can be booked numerous times, for a fixed price with extra functions available. Synchronization with your private calendar is included.

  3. Rather than hiring extra expensive sales excecutives, just streamline effectively your internal and external sales operations? Check out our ScaleUp! package. For fast but balanced sales-force expansion. Our bundled service is based on the intrinsic ambitions of fast growth from within business resources. Fit to order.

In addition, there are three +options to market your services more effectively. infoSHERPA Client guidance by questionnaire, call4DUTY skill centred Event recruitment and a – still freely integrated – rSVP Remarketing system.

This gives me a lot of unexpected business, automatically booked online via my agenda. Brilliant!

Unlimited free: start inviting for a pitch

A lasting free calendar, especially for getting to know new customers.

This free online appointment service enables you to communicate unlimited online invitations for one appointment type – for example an intake interview or consultation – to your customers.

Name the bookingtype yourself, whether it be ‘introduction call’, ‘free intake’ or ‘legal consultancy’ at €300, the system still costs you nothing. The tool can be used in your website, on Facebook or in your newsletter. When you are out, you still are available for scheduling an appointment and always able to manage each booking via you mobile phone. Start saving lots of time normally spent on phone calls and e-mailing to fix your schedule.

After 180 days we will ask for your experience. You can still continue to use getBIZZI Free at no cost. Offcourse we hope that after a while, you will switch to the paid version which gives you even more flexible possibilities.

Just get to know a fully functional online appointments program for free. I have my prospecting customers come in for free!
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For professionals at home or in business situations

With heart and soul you are committed to your business. However, it is though you are not able to speak to every customer, as much as you like. You may be self-employed or enjoy working with a number of co-workers with different appointment types. For this we have developed an online agenda with an unlimited number of appointments.

There are 4 internal calendar users in this system, each with their own clients and online appointments. In addition, there are many tools available for you to organize your agenda as flexibly as possible. Timetables, conditional appointments, ViP customer management, multiple branches and the possibility to send a questionnaire. Everything to kickstart your business!

We help entrepreneurs to keep focus on servicing each customer, personally. To – without a salesteam – succesfully realize a balanced sales growth for their own company. Making a good living, without losing the boundaries of a healthy private life.

Online calendar solution

This most popular calendar service is available as a monthly subscription or as a service that can be settled by appointment. Suitable for appointments and meetings between people. This calendar service also offers the possibility to add one questionnaire to your appointments at no additional cost. If you need more extensive information control, you can always purchase the extra infoSHERPA questionnaire module.

Personal agenda service for persons or services to be booked per user:
– own online agenda management
– four calendars per set
– unlimited number of bookings
– own widget design
– mobile access & SMS notification
– calendar synchronization with online or mobile agenda
– expandable with separate modules

For resource planning applications, we have the resource calendar license. Also as a monthly subscription or invoiced per use, afterwards. This is intended for scheduling services that do not require direct personal contact with clients. The resource calendars are managed by a resource manager who takes care of the appointments and reservations. Areas of application are: sports centers (squash / tennis courts), recreation (restaurant tables, canoes and bicycles), retail, business and financial services. The resource calendar package contains four resource calendars with 1 calendar manager function. When you offer more than four resources, you can easily add more calendar sets (from each 4 resource calendars) through your settings page.

Resource Calendar service for case-related booking services per user:
– own online agenda management
– set of 4 resource agendas
– unlimited number of bookings
– own widget design
– mobile access & SMS
– expand with separate modules
– eigen widget ontwerp
– mobiele toegang & SMS
– uit te breiden met losse modules

Let customers not only make online appointments, but also reserve a room or book rentals themselves.

Something I want!

Accelerate your revenue growth

getBIZZI bundles some of its most market-oriented tools to boost your company sales. Not by large investments but by starting to utilize current experienced staff and energize cross-team responsibilities to result in proper – but well balanced – growth. The combination of 8 agendas linked to a finer customer journey steering process, pushes your sales team to higher realized sales. Moreover, everything is scalable to follow your business requirements.

Especially because your sales back-office team can add much more value to actual closed deals by the field staff. Centrally, prospects and leads are linked to the agendas of the sales consultants, exactly on target where there is a sales-call spot. Your roadcrew does not have to be distracted and they are assured of good leads provided by skilled filtering from getBIZZI and an experienced sales desk.

I can visit 35% more customers when the office staff aligns my leads in my outcall agenda. Oh yes! Me and my team, we are on fire!

Online customer support – guiding questionnaire

Unlimited client guidance

Guiding clients online to a better service, with questionnaires as directive as you want. Since you design the content of the question(s) yourself, you determine the availability and the effectiveness.

A straightforward online questionnaire directs clients quickly using closed questions. Quickly constructed! Do you have a need for an advanced tree-structured questionnaire where the answers are decisive for follow-up questions or service reference? No problem! Questions can be defined separately so that each find their way in different situations.

You can have a questionnaire completed before and after the appointment. Why? Beforehand, clients can be qualified, while you can ask questions later in preparation for the upcoming personal meeting or service.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be a hot, but requires a lot of data to function optimally. Based on your own intelligence and experience, you use the advantages directly with infoSHERPA. You know best what information and how many questions you can ask prospects and how much control your customers need.

For intelligent guidance:

  • flexible question definition
  • directly based on own experience
  • free number of questionnaires
  • quick, simple questionnaires
  • adaptive decision tree
  • questionnaire in widget
  • before and after an appointment

Human Resource optimalisation & reservations

Management of personnel and equipment
With this internal Resource Manager application, your event resource manager can easily schedule the specific people to use for a tour or event. Often a mix of resources and people is needed for these specific events or mixed services.

A resource service can consist of both object (mandatory) items (for example a tour boat) and variably subdivisable units (for example several suitable and available captains). The first item you put together yourself and then invite qualified forces to schedule themselves. In other words, a powerful planning addition for and by motivated employees.

Effective event resource management:

  • flexible team composition
  • effective invite management
  • management skills match
  • measure commitment per crew member
  • encourage self-motivation
  • multilingual use

Powerful Appointment-push option

Remarketing – remind customers to come back

This addition allows you to invite selected customers to make an appointment. You know them, those repeat appointments for the dentist or specialist.

Send the customer (or group of customers) an email or SMS with a response link where this specific client can make an appointment within the times you have proposed. The result: a direct invitation and booking where you want it. For example, in off-peak moments at an action rate.

At this moment you can make unlimited use of the rSVP services at no cost.

Effective appointment-push:

  • personal re-marketing tool
  • direct customer approach
  • send targeted invitation
  • ideal for follow-up appointments
  • also via widget
  • direct response by client
  • your off-peak hours easily filled

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