Grow Big, Stay Near

Grow your business but don't outgrow your customers.

Fast-growing your enterprise, challenges the one-to-one relationship you had with your clients. Cultivating that same amount of engagement is hard.

Sometimes you will need to sit down with key customers and make time to re-experience why your business flourished in the first place.

Grow your business but don’t lose touch

Larger enterprises should confirm their intent to create the level of meaningful relationship small business owners use to have by personally inviting customers in. How often do you touch base with you clients on a personal level?

When you started the company you were: Trusted because of your own client responsibility, flexible through direct accessibility and you created valuable customer insights because of personal interaction. Regain these vital business drivers while sustaining an Enterprise-grade secure operation.

Don’t outgrow your customer. Stay accessible, always
Nothing is more destructive for your business than alienated clients unable to personally get in touch with their favourite brand. At least make sure your customers can claim, at any time, your 100% attention for sincere and relevant engagement, delivered in person.

Stay reliable on clients’ privacy, it is your business security
There is no dilemma in offering cloud-based services while performing against industry-standard privacy and security regulations. We know how to integrate rigid requirements of back-end systems with the open nature of front-end consumer usability.

Get rewarded with trust
By letting prospects pick a timeslot in your personal schedule, you will quickly earn the necessary trust level for future business. Do not miss out on customer contact due to long online forms. You may include referral to a valuable colleague for an even higher service satisfaction, at any given time.

Boost your insight
Many will tell you: most of your market knowledge you possess already. Unlock this potential from your BPM, CRM or other systems and upgrade it with getBIZZI’s action-based behaviour data to generate better predictions for future purchases. You call the system; we integrate to the data-mining process.

Outperform on your skills
We enable your personnel to do what they do best by connecting them to the requirements they were hired for. Enjoying maximum effective customer fulfilment time within the workflow process they are used to work with. It pays off to stay relevant!