Nightmare of prospect and caller!

Forget about annoying scripted acquisition calls, be ready for soft conversions!

The most painstaking and invasive method of old-fashioned canvassing by using cold-calling ‘numbers’ from out-of-date calling lists, still happens too often.

Stop annoying people for that one odd catch! Make sure you got your entrance enticing enough, to get visitors interested in what you offer. Before you know it, you’ll get to understand your client, personally!

Unexpected Kindness vs Ambush Selling

Hard sell: Does it really work?

Offer your customers a well-targeted warm welcome and have them select you for their business! By opening up your sales calendar, you actually indicate you want to listen to what they need and when that is required.

I had you with: ‘please, do come in’
Let intelligent service availability and prospect pre-selection work for you! Only spend your sales conversations with those committed and pre-informed. It pretty much boosts your quota score, effectively!

Refuel on prospects while on the road
No worries about missing the action while not in office. Carry your self-business-generating schedule with you, always synchronized and fully manageable when en route. Stay in touch; never miss a ‘bluebird’!

Double your sales potential, in quality too
Focus on customers within your scope or region. Your customers need your undivided attention without distractions. Just outsmart the competition with the pre-information supplied to you before every sales conversation!

Captivate prospects; inspire self-scheduling
Even today’s elusive and self-determined consumers will be tickled by your disarming and seemingly naive open invitation. The best salesperson is the one overachieving targets consistently, not by working harder but by putting smarter availability into play. The new game is to offer your personal availability at those decision points where it’s needed most! We make sure that your subsequent online-to-offline conversion will be a soft sell!