Improve your Consultant deployment?

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Use a streamlined agenda as an organization tool!
Your field staff gets overworked: cold calls and hot prospects all follow each other randomly! Your planning assistant cannot handle the appointment requests.

Mailing, calling and re-mailing with a customer to tune a correct meeting: it takes too much time and gives your custumer an incorrect impression of your business.

Have your customers make their appointments themselves; they are happy, you are happy. And as a bonus: a radiant smile on the face of your PA. We automatically synchronize with the Outlook or Google agenda of the connected sales consultants, so you are up to date, 24 hours a day.

How to make getBIZZI earn your money?

Rustig een sales break want agenda in sync met sales backoffice

getBIZZI is a front-office tool to streamline customer appointments effectively within your organization. The field staff will continue to work with their familiar Outlook or Google agenda, supplemented with online appointments.

Occupied times are neatly blocked at the front.
You stay in control and let the customer choose from the available contact moments, with no chance of duplication or double appointments. No unnecessary coordination moments and a professional service towards your customers.

Depending on your application and people, you may want to appoint a central planning coordinator to hit the ground running, resulting in earlier pickups of closed deals.

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