Know your customer, even before your first meeting.

Best impression by your first question: super informed and extremely relevant.

Not really your thing, peddling for customers? Seems like no one is waiting for your sales pitch?

Invest in the prospects who have already contacted you and offer them a relevant solution through a built-in demand control.

On top of the online order intake, you will be able to supply faulty leads with an even more relevant redirection.

How do I qualify my leads succesfully?

Even after-sales services have been provided for. A simple follow-up question for satisfaction measurement is a first step towards a repeat visit. Easy to set up and hard to forget.

Keep your service level up to high standards and remain top-of-mind with your customers. How often do you ask the same qualifying customer questions? Better to arrange this once, for both your client and your employee. Your employees get to use the extra time for deeper personal engagement.

One questionnaire is included in the Professional agenda. For an extra € 8 per month unlimited control is available.

Want to approach leads successfully? Do so using foreknowledge!